Offset curve on Surface

How can I do the “offset curve on surface / offsetcrvonsrf” command in Rhino in grasshopper? I searched for this but couldn’t find any results.

Tried the search function?

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I tried it before. But what I want to do is multiple offset. I can offset once with the command in Grasshopper.

Please post an example of what fails and show what you want to achieve.

offset.3dm (1.4 MB) (4.2 KB)

On the left is the grasshopper. Rhino on the right. What I want to do is to make multiple offsets by typing a command like in rhino.
Thanks for be interested.

if you really want to use offset on surface I would do something like this: (10.2 KB)

pretty sure this is not the best method tho: Offset on Surface takes 7 SECONDS


Hi Kadir
You can try the “Offset on Srf” component of the Bubalus_GH plugin. It will be faster because of the use of multi-threading. (2.6 MB)

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