WISH: Offset curve "variable"

For a long time a command has been requested that allows to realize a variable offset.
For example, I would like an offset in which, at a point A (defined by the user), there is a greater distance from the curve (doing this with the modification points on is very convenient).

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Yeah, this has been on the wishlist for a long, ling time - I think since V3 - and we still don’t have it yet. the workaround is to extrude the curve, use VariableOffsetSrf on the resulting surface, then DupEdge the edge of the offset surface. A variable radius pipe with isocurve extraction is also a possibility.


Alternative as possible, but a little laborious, especially if the points become too many …
We’ll wait for Rhino 10 … (maybe) … :wink:


VariableOffsetSrf must be more complex than an equivalent for VariableOffsetCrv. Surely it can’t be beyond expectations to have this tool available.