VariableChamferSrf, angle input?


Good morning,

in VariableChamferSrf, is it possible to enter an angle, or at least 2 values for the distances?
Apparently not, but that would be fine…
As only one value is asked for, scripting the angle input seems impossible, right?

I have found a small translation glitch in the German UI.
The command asks for the second surface and then again for the second surface.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Charles- yep, that is all you get right now I’m afraid. How would you define the angle, would it be the angle from the tangent of one of the two input surfaces?




Hi Pascal,

Angle from the tangent of the first srf.


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Charles- can you tell me if this is the result (red surface) you would expect by picking the green surface first, the black second, the distance 5 and the angle 20 degrees? ChamferSrfAngle.3dm



Hello Pascal,

This is exactly as wanted.

Here a simpler case:

5 and 20° is the input, and the length is of course different.


(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Charles- OK, thanks.,… I don’t know what is possible and when but the developer was asking what sort of input would be used and what the output should be. Currently the Distance setting is the desired width of the chamfer, not the setback from the surface intersection, so there was some confusion…


May I suggest a number of other inputs…

  • Chamfer length plus angle to first surface
  • Offset length plus angle to first surface
  • Srf1 distance plus srf2 distance

all at various points along the chamfer