Feature request: Chamfer angles other than 45 degrees

I do a lot of chamfered and beveled edges, but quite often want to bevel at something other than a 45 degree angle, which means doing lots of offsetting of edges, building surfaces and then boolean operations. Having a Chamfer Angle option in the various chamfering operations would be a HUGE time-saver for me.

Are you aware of the fact that you can specify two offsets, separated by a comma? Just type the first offset, a comma and the second offset before you select the surfaces to chamfer. And those values will persist until you close Rhino.


I think he wants to specify angle rather than distance… Which means having to use trig to calculate the chamfer offsets. Also, this only works with ChamferSrf, not ChamferEdge - the second always makes a symmetrical chamfer.

There are existing requests for this:


Yes, sorry, I should have specified that I was thinking of ChamferEdge. Thanks for pointing out the ChamferSurface option, though. That could be handy, and I’ll try it out.

Thanks for letting me know that it’s already been requested, Mitch!