Variable offset - curves

Hello, I am having difficulty doing a variable offset of curve – I used the definition posted here from back in 2013, but I am having a hard time reapplying it to get the result I want.

Using the variable offset curve, I am trying to create pleated surfaces such that the amount of folding varies along the curve path. With the current curves, the offsetted curves end at different length, not aligning with the non-offset curves. In addition, I cannot loft via Grasshopper and can only loft baked curves on Rhino (image below).

The original script is able to seamlessly transition from the original curve to the offsetted curve:

I would greatly appreciate it if someone can point out where I am going wrong. I’m attaching both the definition from the old post and the one I am working on. Thank you,

– mo
03.08.20_stitch (33.3 KB) (11.9 KB)

Try this using sweep1

variable (11.1 KB)

@seghierkhaled Thank you!
I used your approach of producing lines between the original curves and the offset curves, but used bezier curve via Graph Mapper instead of the Gene Pool. I then used Sweep 1 - however the surface seems to roll over, as if there is excess surface in relation to what is needed.

I can’t figure out what the cause is - could you please point out why this is happening?
03.16.20_stitch (27.4 KB)

You need graft here because you have 3 branches of lines

03.16.20_stitch (25.4 KB)

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@seghierkhaled thank you for your help! It was also helpful to see how you used cull pattern to get the lofted surfaces at once rather than the multiple sweeps I was doing. I’ve reached to a form like below:

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