Curve offset


Any idea how to avoid this when offset a curve? (4.4 KB)

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Hi all!

I am wondering why nobody doesn’t interested in that topic. I mean that offset commands either on curves or on surfaces are very important especially for architects. I don’t know if it is a silly topic but I have searched too many hours in order to find a solution and I can’t find something on the internet which will work in all cases. I write again more cause of curiosity on how you can handle offset commands and not for asking pressure.

I found only this interesting solution but it has a tiny problem in my case which i don’t know how to solve it.

2d_offset_controlled.ghx (419.9 KB)

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It is an old subject see this for polyline

For curve in general it must be harder

Hello Laurent!
I read this topic yesterady. That means that there isn’t any solution yet for curves?

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I am not Mc Neel so I don’t know. Offset is surely more reliable with good/rebuild curves. Offset loose is useful if you need to build surface between the 2 curves …

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Ok thank you. May I ask you then how can i split this curve by two points ? (7.4 KB)

Why it creates a closed nurbs curve instead of open curve? (9.2 KB)

When you remove the sublist from those points you don’t change the order of the list. In the file I posted below it shifts the list to the correct point
split_curve (15.0 KB)

Thank you very much siemen. You saved me!!!

@cokerone1214 The curves in your original file are non-planar, and since offsetting curves is a 2D operation, it can’t handle your input in a well defined manner.

Notice that the Clipper plugin automatically ‘flattens’ your curves to the 2D XY plane- if this is fine with you, just use Project To Plane and the normal offsetting component should work as expected.

(p.s. not all topics on this forum get answered immediately, don’t take things personally)

Thank you Qythium! Exactly this is the reason that i wrote that i don’t want in any event to asking pressure. Honestly, I have acquire too much knowledge here and I have learned so much things that the only thing I could be is thankful for your help. I feel sorry if you saw my topic from an other aspect but I didnt have such a purpose.

Thanks again!!

Hello. how can I close such an open curve like this picture and change it to a surface?

Hi -

You could find the end points of the curves, create new curves between those and then join.

Or, depending on the specific situation, you can use the EdgeSrf component to create a surface from two edges.

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Thank you @wim for your help.

could you please help me with this problem? the intersection of two surfaces.
(it didn’t work correctly with other options like sur/crv intersection)
I need to crop that part of the pattern on the rectangle surface.

Hi Sima -

You need to create new threads for new topics. Also, nobody can really help you with just a screenshot. Post your gh file with possible referenced geometry from Rhino internalized in the Grasshopper file.

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