Variable-distance offset curve (messy curvature graph)

I’m trying to create an offset curve that’s offset from 0 to some value to 0 again. So something like this, where blue is the offset curve:

I created points along the original curve, got the perpendicular and moved those points by variable amounts & then created an interpolated curve through those points. This works fine for now, but the resulting offset curve has a very messy curvature graph. The original curve seems clean. Any ideas what could be improved here to get a better offset curve? (18.0 KB) (13.5 KB)

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Is there any way to lock that point, or define it by value? Just wondering because if I accidently nudge it, it seems the only way to get it back to it’s middle position is to reset the graph?


Not that I know of, no. In this case, you don’t want to touch the default graph at all.