Controlling Line Types Representing non-Va Surfaces in Plan and Section Views

Most particularly there’s always a need for some elements to be drawn with a dashed line. How can this be accomplished?

You can assign the linetype for the edges of geometry in projection, from the Object Properties panel, and the linetype of the sectioned edges from the Section Attributes, in the Properties panel.

Projection attributes:

Section attributes:

The 2D geometry in plan and section views will always show the attributes of the 3D geometry they represent.

a) For what view modes is this supposed to work in each case?

b) does the view have to be exploded in either case?

c) In each case, should it work “by layer”? If so which layer in each case? - the View’s or the object’s?

d) In each case does this apply to the layer settings in the detail view in which the View appears, or globally? Either? Both?

e) Does the View have to be updated for line type changes take effect? e1) Does this vary between particular cases?

Any display mode

Not necessarily

The linetype as “projection” attribute only applies on the object displayed in plan/section views if you assign the linetype of the object “by layer” and assign the linetype to the layer where the object is.
The linetype as “section” attribute, is assigned directly to the object (since it is not possible to assign section attributes by layers, (yet)).

Regarding “projection” attributes, the linetype cannot be assigned by Detail view (as you can do with the line print width or color) but globally.

Yes. After you have created the 2D plan/section view, and change the linetype of the 3D objects, the 2D views need to be updated to see the changes.