VA in Rhino Inside Revit Error 303 / Licence Expired


Even though the trial licence of VA has not expired, when loading Rhino 7 (trial) inside Revit, I either have error 303 - Please reinstall VA or VA licence has expired.

Why is this happening? Is VA stable for rhino-7?

Thanks in advance

Hi @zabrielza do you mean that if you run VisuaARQ in Rhino 7 it works fine, but if you run it from Revit through Rhino.Inside, it says it has expired?
Can you send us ( the “visualarq.lic” file you can find in this folder?
C:\Program Files\AsuniCAD\VisualARQ 2\RHINO7
That will help us determine what’s happening.

Hi @fsalla. Yes exactly. I will send it to you, thanks.

Thanks! got the file. We will analyze it and get back to you.

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