Rhino.Inside This WIP build has expired

This is not so nice! For some reasons I can not update it , I have download several times an this message appears again??? How can I fix it?

Uninstall rhino.inside.revit first. Then install.


Thanks Scott Davidson!

Hi scott
Even I uninstalled the rhino inside and Cleand up all my browser.
I sttil have the problem

@Aziz.BOUKARA See the version under that prompt that says 0.0.766** That’s an old RIR version. Seems like Revit might be running this from another directory. Take a look at both %PROGRAMDATA%\Autodesk\Revit\Addin\20XX and %APPDATA%\Autodesk\Revit\Addin\20XX for RIR .addin files. After uninstalling RIR there should not be any left on your machine. Then reinstall the latest. Version should read 0.3.***

Merci beaucoup…

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