VA column is not aligned automatically to current CPlane


I am trying to get familiar to VA and also implement it 100% in my workflow. In my opinion, when working with many cplanes in a file, placing columns and other elements automatically aligned to current cplane or current view, is crucial to work fast and accurately. I am using latest version of VA. Am I missing any setting or does VA miss this feature?

Thank you in advance

Hi @zabrielza , columns can only be placed in vertical position, so perpendicular to XY plane. If you need to create slanted columns, or steel profiles in a horizontal position, you need to use the Beam object instead (vaBeam)

Ηι @fsalla, my post was misunderstood. I am trying to place columns (perpendicular to XY plane of course) without inclination but I want them to be aligned to x and y axis (parallel to X and Y) of the active XY CPlane. Just like when we are working in construction planes with rectangles, they are automatically getting placed parallel to the cplane axis x and y.

Hi @zabrielza I understand. I realise there is a bug. When you rotate the XY CPlane, VisualARQ objects seem to ignore it and they follow the original World XY CPlane. I’ll report this and let you know when we fix it.

Thank you @fsalla. Only to have an idea about how VisualArq versions and development works, which is the estimation of the time needed for this kind of bugs? Are they getting fixed in future versions?

Hi @zabrielza, we usually release new updates every 3-5 months. I’ll let you know if we can fix this issue in the next update.

okay, thank you @fsalla.

Hi @zabrielza, we have just released VisualARQ 2.10 that takes into account the XY Plane rotation when creating slabs and other VA objects: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.10 released