VA 3 release 24/04/26 issues with section styles

I have recently updated VA 3 from release 24/02/27 to release 24/04/26, after updating to the latest RH8 SR, and I have immediately noticed two major issues on the files I have been working on.
The first is that the hatches assigned to the section view to various entities (walls, slabs, roofs) had randomly disappeared.
After playing a bit with it and with the layer section properties of Rhino, I managed to fix that by simply reapplying the hatches in the VA styles dialog. It now seems to work fine on “hidden” viewports but it’s a bit random in “realistic” viewports (it doesn’t work on all VA styles).
The second, and bigger problem I have is with the section markers, which doesn’t seem to follow the assigned Rhino annotation style anymore.
Let me explain it better: The VA section markers style follows all the settings in the VA style and most of the settings in the assigned Rhino annotation style, but it’s impossible to change the font size.
I can change the font to anything I want, but the size stays at 500 units.
When editing the section marker block (with rhino “blockedit”) I can change the size by changing the overwrite (500) or selecting “remove overrides” on the annotation style in the dropdown menu, but after saving the block the control points on the section marker disappear.
Furthermore if I move or update the section marker it goes back to 500 height.
It is driving me crazy :slight_smile:
I have also noticed that in the Rhino object property panel the icon of the “section” tab now is the same of the “section attributes tab” and that the section style attribute tab in VA styles is quite different now:
In the previous beta release I had both “text style” and “dimension style” (the first being an overwrite), while on the latest beta I only have “annotation style”, which is overwritten by default and I cannot fix it.
See below images:

I am not sure if this is a bug or the section marker styles need to be remade from a different definition (I cannot find the GH definitions to modify).
Any ideas how I can sort this out? Thank you!

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I have exactly the same problem with sections where hatching does not appear. It’s a big problem!

in layout

in pdf file:

I think I have resolved the issue with the annotation styles: I discovered that when I put dimensions on the drawing (directly inside the activated detail viewport on the layout) Rhino changes the default annotation style to the one I select for the dimensions, and this somehow overwrites the Visualarq style of the section markers.

The problem regarding the hatches in the section detail viewport is something I am also experiencing, in most cases it works to “align” the section in the detail viewport (please note that the viewport needs to be unlocked to work), but in some cases it just doesn’t want to work.

This problem seems to affect sections that are not orthogonal, so to say: If you have a wall not aligned with with the X or Y axis and you align the section parallel to the wall, the section hatches disappear or have missing parts.

Ah, sorry, in your case it looks like you have the problem on the plans? (your images look like a plan view of a wall). In that case please check the layer properties as there may be a “no print” option selected somewhere or another sort of overwrite from Rhino (assuming your VA properties are properly setup).

Hello Luigi, in viewport everything works fine, It’s when you print to PDF that it no longer works.

I also noticed that there is a display problem when printing pdf (or in raster mode) when we try to put a detailed view into perspective, it is not displayed in the file.

Hello all,
The issue is Rhino based. You can refer this discussion Need Feedback about Section Drawings: Line Width Setting - #28 by rajaa

Sorry but I don’t have the same problem described by Anthony. My problem is that it is impossible to apply an annotation style to the section marker text.
There is an override that sets the font dimension to 500 units, I can only modify it by editing the block but, as soon as the section marker is moved or updated, it reverts to 500 size.
See below images: I cannot reduce the text size in any way.

Hi @Luigi_S excuse the late reply from my side on these issues.

Section attributes/styles consistency has totally improved in the last Beta 7. Just try it and let me know if those problems still persist.

You are right. That’s a bug and we plan to fix it. I’ll keep you posted.

VisualARQ objects do not support to be edited with the BlockEdit command. Any action on this will lead to unexpected results.

Yes, we need to change that!

The section lines are not created from GH definitions. But since we integrated the new section styles in the former Attributes tab, it affected the Attributes tab for annotation objects as well. So we need to adjust the changes so you can control the annotation styles and text sizes easily.