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Hi @rajaa

It sounds like impossible thing now, but any chance to have an ability to have separate linetype, color and thickness for tangent edges (with option of tangency amount) in polysurface on the resulting ClippingDrawing?

Instead of this:

Have this:

I’m not sure I understand. Can you please share an example?

Are you referring to the change of position of the output when the section is updated (shift the whole section)? If not, can you attach and image or example?

You should not have to redo. Use UpdateClippingDrawings command to update. If that does not work for you, please send an example to look into.

Please continue to give feedback. I was away for a couple of weeks and just catching up with the feedback.

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Tangent edges are not output separately in clipping drawings, and hence this is not possible. I’ll add this as a wish here…

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Hi Rajaa,
Yes, that’s the point, but it’s FUNDAMENTAL to work without losing extra time. Section tool is 100% of the time used with other 2D elements, so if there is no link between both, there is much more work, like using the make 2d tool.

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  1. This is an example of what I can see when I create a section with Your tool. But if I make the relative drawing using “Create drawing”, I lose the hatches. So I must make the hatches by myself, filling the curves in the GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN_00_DrawingCurve" layer where there are the sectioned lines. So, if I must change the position of a single wall and use the “UpdateClippingDrawings” command, I will lose the hatches again, and I must recreate them by hand again.

  2. Why in this layer, “GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN_00_DrawingHatch”, are not the hatches that my walls have in the clipping section? What should be in this layer automatically created?

Because the resulting 2D lines inside the layer “GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN_00_DrawingCurve” are defined “By Default” and not “By layer” to change, for example, the width of (100% of the time You need it), You must select all the lines and change them from Default to “By Layer”, and this again is nonsense loose time, with risk of errors in big projects.
Section tool is a FUNDAMENTAL TOOL for all the PRO users of Rhino, and it works well, but please listen to the requests of our everyday users that need a tool, and as already told in this topic, just let us save time.

In summary, the requests to solve most of the requests of this topic are pretty simple (but very important):

  1. the updated 2D drawing section must stay in the same place;
  2. the data of the clipping section could be transferred to the 2d drawing (Section hatches, section line width and so on);
  3. the setting of the 2d new layer must be by layer and not by default.

Thank You for Your work,


I’m working on a solution to keep the sections in the same location as long as the clipping plane remains located within the same plane. Issue documented here…

Can you please attach the 3dm file?

1- I’m working on it (here…)
2- Are you setting the ClippingPlane SectionStyle, and expect that to transfer to the drawing? If so, you need to se your objects/layers to have their SectionStyle “ByClippingPlane”. Note that in many cases, you’d want to have each object or layer have their own SectionStyle, and this is what the drawing will use.

#3 if I understand you right, you’d like to set the output section curve “Print Width” to be ByLayer. This is reasonable. Filed here…

Does that address your issues?

The first and the third points are solved, thanks.

About the second point, I did what You suggested, but I’m not able to transfer to the drawing the ClippingPlane Section Style. The DrawingHatch layer is empty, and the section border doesn’t have the width set in the section style panel.

P.S. What should be got the layers “GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN_00_DrawingSolid” and “GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN_00_DrawingSolid”?

Thanks again,

What version of Rhino, and service release are you using? I did a small example, and the hatch does show:

I’m on Rhino 8 Beta for MAC (VENTURA 13.5.2)

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 15.40.49

I tested with 8.1, and the issue is fixed.

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Thank You very much,

Am I correct, all the wishes go to the V9 now? No changes to the V8 expected?

Many of these wishes will go into 8 service releases


@rajaa I have a Wish for an option that a section stay in its referenced Object layer. I have sometimes more that 10-15 Section in a Projekt. That also means 10-20 new Layer with sublayer in a Projekt.

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