V8 interface colors - I don't get it

@Mikael_Westerlundh that’s not the default bg color for tooltips. Which colors did you customize?

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@Mikael_Westerlundh ok, so you are in dark mode. In that case, that’s not the default text color. The default text color is white

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Everything else is white text (see pic) How can change tooltip text to white?
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@Mikael_Westerlundh Did you make any edits to text colors in the advanced settings?

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I changed every single color I saw in advanced but I still can’t find it :crazy_face:

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I counted in the area of 100 color options … did you really change all ?

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I think so. Some color settings are not properly tagged with the word ‘color’ so probably more.

This is a perfect example where it would be useful to be able to share interface pallets without having to share a whole other settings.

Even with command OptionsExport I can see a bunch of other settings being exported.

I think if you search ‘ui’ you get a lot more of results:

I think some color settings are simply not exposed in here.


On my systems (R8.8) the cursor tooltip is always black text on a white background, regardless of Rhino light/dark mode and/or Windows (10 or 11) light/dark mode settings. Are you on Windows or Mac? If Windows, how did you get a white on black cursor tooltip?

Probably but it’s started with the grayed out tooltip text. I can’t recall any changes permanently change duh. In pic below (UI part); can U tell me what it stand for/ what it do?

I see that here too on Windows

Ok, it seems not to be a Rhino 8 problem, after all. I change to light theme in the macOS and back to dark direct and now it’s ok; white text on dark bg. Sorry för the fuzz…


I remember liking to change the color of the text in this dialogue but don’t remember finding a way to do it :sweat_smile:

If I could make it a green contrast that would be sweet :sunglasses: