V8 interface colors - I don't get it

I was trying to play around with the interface colors to see which entry did what. Mostly interested in the toolbar button background color. I wanted it darker than default light, but I am not interested in dark mode.

The thing is, nothing I seem to do has any effect. I am using a custom theme and so I thought I would first reset everything back to defaults - there appears not to be a global switch to do that, so I did it item by item…

Starting here:

All (modified) set to default:

Uncheck/recheck “Only display modified values” checkbox:

Hit OK. Now re-open Options>Advanced:

Great, reset that one again

OK, finally it appears to be all clear.

Now, which one do I modify to change the toolbar button background color? The current color is Hex #E9EBEF(FF) or ARGB (255) 233,235,239. The only one in the list that is that color is “Normalend”

Try changing that:

And… Nothing happens. Can’t see any change at all. In fact, none of them seem to work…

In Appearance>Colors it is indeed set to Custom:

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: and the “modified” colors keep coming back - and I haven’t even closed this session of Rhino 8 (the only one running) and restarted. Seems like there is something really, really wrong with my install here.

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Anyone? Just wondering if I need to completely reset everything to default and if so how to make sure the extensive changes I made to toolbars and macros are saved so I can redo them.

However trying this out in a different new default scheme also has no effect - none of the colors change.

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For now, you will need to go to the colors page in options and choose “custom”. Once that is selected a few extra color options will show up at the bottom.

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Hi Mitch -

As far as I know, all Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.xxxx options are those of Rhino 7. In Rhino 8, the Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings.xxxx options are used.

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Had similar experience. Although the Window Layout and ‘Themes’ are very welcome, they are still very far from where they need to be.

Sharing, installing, editing themes is a pain.
Also it appears we can’t have multiple custom themes saved on the same system? So if I want to change from one custom to another I need to replace the file manually.

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It is already…

OK, that’s all that is currently accessible?

Content background does change the toolbars but also the panel backgrounds
Frame Background changes the viewport frames and the tab “menu” strip
Selected tab background changes the tabs themselves plus the top menu bar
Viewport titles do as they say

Did I miss anything?

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Somewhat related to this topic, I’ve found the whole exercise of trying to change a colour in the UI by trial and error to be quite exhausting.

Would there be a way to highlight which colour option corresponds to which setting via a colour picker-like interaction?

For example, say I’ve got the UIPaint options page open. I click a “setting locator” button and my cursor changes to, maybe this cursor:

I drag the options window over a bit so I can see the Rhino window behind, hover my mouse over the colour area whose setting I want to identify, left click and the cursor question mark disappears.

On the options page, the UIPaint setting for the area I clicked on has scrolled into view and is highlighted.

Perhaps this is asking for too much but the current method of trying to figure out which setting corresponds to what is quite a hassle.

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If that is the case, why haven’t the old settings been removed from V8?

When I go to Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings.xxxx I see this:

Only 4 of the approximately 150 !!! color settings appear to have anything assigned… Actually in the default setup (not custom) nothing has been assigned.


They should probably at least be hidden, but we will need to double check to make sure they are actually not used anywhere in Rhino now.

All of these colors are in an “unset” state which means that they are computed based on light or dark mode. I know it is not easy to work with.

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Well, I would say A+ for granularity… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, I hope for those of us who find light mode too light and dark mode too dark that we will be able to do a little tweaking somehow.

My current ‘semi-light’ looks like this:

As opposed to default ‘light’:

(About 175,175,175 (69%) gray as opposed to the around 235,235,235 (92%) gray that is default)


Very good idea +1
Like this

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My hope was to get rid of all of these settings and let people set 2 or 3 colors, have Rhino interpolate the rest. But, as you know, some other UI things too priority. Thanks for posting about this.

You’ve found two of the four color settings that exist in Rhino that need to be made sense of. Unfortunately, we’d break the SDK by removing them. We do need to hide them, I agree.

The Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings are the lowest level colors; if unchanged from the defaults, the Rhino.UI.PaintColors will inherit settings from the ThemeSettings - not the other way around.

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I agree with you . Much better. There is no need for many settings. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

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That looks much better, would you mind sharing your theme on here?

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Set appearance colors to Custom.
Content background 199,202,204 (RGB)
Frame background 174,175,178 (RGB)
Selected tab background 233,235,239 (RGB, unchanged from original light)
Active viewport title 107,163,255 (RGB, unchanged from original light)
Inactive viewport title 220,223,226 (RGB, unchanged from original light)

So basically I only changed the first two settings.


I don’t have a problem with that, for me V7 was more or less OK in this regard.

My own simple issues in v8 are the following:

Tooltips the same as the toolbar background color:

In V7 they were a nice pale beige color and had an outline:

And a few of the elements/areas have too little contrast for my taste:



RH-79371 Tooltip background colors incorrect in Rhino 8
RH-79372 Gear icon has too little contrast

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The fun part is when you switch from custom dark mode to light mode and then back to dark mode to only see you’ve lost all your settings in 2 seconds :joy::sob:

ikr, I still want to know where the text color ones ‘all’ are for the tabs and the layer dialogue etc :sweat_smile:

Nah I’m pretty sure now us users would like more control over just those three, and since us users see all this power and options, you probably shouldn’t hide them settings from us users :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::star_struck:

what :shushing_face: