General colours options V5 where are these in V8

I am not finding the windows general colour settings in V8, where are these moved to ?

I have only found two,
I am unable to Find ‘window colour 3. It’s the colour for the tabs except the selected tab

Also the windows text, unable to find, v5 has black text on grey tabs.

V8 has grey text on grey tabs

Not easy to see.

where is setting to make text black ?



If I remember correctly, those were Windows OS specific settings with no MacOS equivalent, so the V8 interface unification effort made them redundant.
Personally, I found the change mildly irritating at first, as I used to have the colors set differently as a visual reminder for which version of Rhino I was running.
I found a different way to differentiate the Rhino versions and adapted.

@Steve1 which items in the UI are you trying to change? Most of the colors are now in advanced settings under Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings.Content and Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings.Frame but finding the right color is not particularly user friendly. If you can point me in a screenshot to the colors you want to change I will look them up for you.

see attached.

the colour setting for the icons background is now also panel background.

Black text is the main need, cannot see the grey text so well and also loss of tab effects.

wish the text length was as V5,


@Steve1 regarding inactive tabs color:

in advanced setting change this color:

As for the truncated texts, is that a real issue? All tabs should be visible and fully readable on a normal screen. Or are you often working with two Rhino windows side by side as shown?

As for the background color, there is currently this YT discussion
RH-81664 Panel styling consistency
And indeed right now some panels are currently using the same bg color as the buttons. I think this is something we need to change.

I have gone into the setting, selected the box beside Rhino UI Theme, etc, it doesnt get ticked, drop down gives a colour wheel, I select black, get another box, choose set to default but again the box doesnt receive a tick, double clicking it and still no tick in the ‘set to default’, ok it as best I can, and nothing has changed, still grey text on the grey tabs.
try again , no change.

I am used to a tick box getting a tick , and that set to default remaining unticked isnt right I feel, so why the boxes dont go ticked is unsettling.

as for length of text, one can work out what the tab should say, just a preference that in V5 there was more text and less …

as for the fact that the panel with the icons in it, is also the colour now of the background of the properties panel, when in V5 as shown it wasnt, one cannot make it darker without making the property panels go the same colour, thats not right, but to solve it stay with the light blue I guess.


that’s not a checkbox

set to default button is to reset it to default, so don’t use that if you want to change the color. After picking the black color in the color picker, hit OK, then hit OK again in the dialog with the Set to default button. Then it should work, and you’ll get a color value in the list.

I think what’s a bit misleading is that the default colors don’t really show up in that interface. So all default colors open up as black. If you think you are selecting a black color by just hitting ok when the color dialog pops up, nothing will change. So you need to change at least something in that color picker to make it work. I think I need to write up a couple of YT issues for this quirky behavior.

Hi, I will try again,
see attached what I experienced.
I did not go anywhere near the set as default box this time.

no change still, baffled.

Can you try this:
change the color to red first (or some other distict color)
then go back and change it to black
Does that stick?

try for red, see storyboard, still no joy.


you are modifying a different color in that screenshot

Hi @Gijs,

This was awhile back, but there is a post from me somewhere about it… First there are the UIPaint... color settings which are all there in advanced but as far as I know obsolete…

Then there are the UI.ThemeSettings - of which there over 100! entries - and only three of mine are currently set to anything. All the others are somehow default settings but it doesn’t tell you what they actually do or what their default setting is.

So what happened is we went from V7 - which was manageable but didn’t have enough granularity - to something that is now so complex that it is neither understandable nor manageable. Hmm, sounds like a couple of other “improvements” that happened in V8.

IIRC from that post in my conversation with I can’t remember who - Brian? - that this is not something they really want anyone to mess with. Everyone should be satisfied by settings on the normal Appearance>Colors page.

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I totally agree the current system is horrible, I have no clue why there are so many entries.
I opened this discussion YT RH-81908 Expose UI interface colors in a human readable way


Here is the original post by me from December:

thanks, I added that link to the YT

Hi, oops, it went to that upon opening and I didnt spot it had moved.
Now altering the unchecked text one, make it red, and it goes red, HOORAY.
now alter it to BLACK choosing black from the left hand side paint list

and it is now BLACK.


It only remains to find a way of setting the background to the tools icons only, though light blue is not horrible, I prefer my screens to be neutral greys for colour perception, as is and was the rule in graphics.

so is there a way ?

and I still say that V5 was far better for the tabs.
Rhino 8 tabs not as good as V5

does anyone disagree with what we see here ?


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You are 100% right. No disagreement here.

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