V7-Wish - Snap to center of bounding box of object


1 - The discussions started in the following thread

2 - The existence of the following track : this youtrack item

I would like to suggest the implementation of an option allowing to Snap to the implicit BBcenter of an object.

MSR are the primary tools used by many users to perform transformation operations.
In many situations, it is the BBcenter that is used as the starting point.

It appears that with open curves, Rhino does not offer an option to ‘find’ the BBcenter of the object, making the use of MSR tools more complicated or impossible.

This can be considered as a limitation regarding the use of MSR with open curves.
When this happens, the user has no other choice than changing the approach and look for other solutions.

  • Use the Gumball
  • Open the Box Edit window
  • Install a plugin
  • Execute a third party script

Insofar as MSR is a very often preferred tools, allowing users to use MSR to transform ‘also’ open curves starting from the BBcenter seems to me a legitimate request.

Rodolfo Santos


Hi -

What is MSR?

I’ve updated the YouTrack item that you linked to above with that specific request.

Move, Scale, Rotate (as far as I interpret it)

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Correct, @Helvetosaur


Rodolfo Santos.


Thank you very much for the follow up.

Rodolfo Santos.