Align objects with a master

Hi, is there a way to center or align two objects but selecting one as the master so it stays in place and the other one moves to the restriction specified?
In illustrator you can do this by selecting both objects and then clicking again on the one you want to be the master but can’t do it in Rhino
Example: I want the circle to be in the middle of the selected object

but when I align the set it gets misaligned with the whole object

Dear @Fernando_Ruiz
as far as i know: No.

commands / workflows

but to do it - basically it is a workflow, using the standard
Command - combined with some object snaps.
there is also
but be careful, the last digits in the fields might be rounded.
Gumball has the ability to be “snappy”.
search for “Snappy gumball”


to snap to a center you have to distinguish between 2d and 3d.
for 2d shapes there is a
but notice, that not all shapes have a Center (Circles, Rectangles, polygons, etc…)

for 3d
(I might miss something here @pascal ? - is there something like a BoundingBoxCenterSnap ? )
(also for 2d, where shapes have no centersnap)
you want to snap to the center of an enclosing (bounding) box.
you can create this construction by
_line (corner to corne / body diagonal)
and then snap to the midpoint
(in most cases, this is the same position as the Gumball pivot, so you can combine this with snappy gumball)

you can also get “technical center-points” by

Thanks for the quick and detailed response! willl work around it


_boundingbox (red)
_line (snap from endpoint to endpoint, body-diagonal, blue)
_move (midpoint to midpoint)