V7 Text field is missing

we had the text field %<date(“yyyy.MM.dd”)>% in rhino 6 which I use in all my layout sheets
this field %<date(“yyyy.MM.dd”)>% is missing in V7 (there we find %<date(“yyyy-MM-dd”)>%)

plesae add %<date(“yyyy.MM.dd”)>% to V7 so I don’t need to change all my layout sheets


Hi @romanboensch

yyyy.MM.dd is still functioning fine from what I can tell. You will however have to use case sensitivity in Rhino 7 text fields. Date vs date. This is due to the new Python parsing of functions and is now a requirement.

I think we can automatically convert some of the casing issues to help you avoid redoing these.

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RH-57756 is fixed in the latest WIP