Document text

hello, i’ve some documents, (layout) with that kind of text:

in V6 it write " ##### "
in V7 it write " %<DocumentText(“Projet”)>%"
does those link does’nt run in V7?

Hi -

In both cases, it means that the document text “Projet” doesn’t exist in the document.

Once you add the document text to the document, that string will be resolved correctly in Rhino 7.

Yes it is!!!

But in V6 when I opened this template, all documents text was #####, now it is " %<DocumentText(“Projet”)>%" it’s not really nice, in have to put a value for each one…

Hello - there was a change in how these formulas are handled in V7, this may be fallout from that change, I’ll put it on the developer’s list for a look.
RH-61990 TextField: Document user text in fX
@onlyforpeace - the developer found the bug - thanks for pointing this out.

hi @pascal and @wim, do you know if i had to change all %% and %% of my templates???
because now it’s write : ’ IronPython.Runtime.Types.BuiltinFunction’

@onlyforpeace can you message me one of your templates to see what is happening?

RH-61990 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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