Rhino Text Fields Error (Not Linking)

All of my documents have unlinked text fields across the board. “DetailScale” “DateModified” and other text fields that link to Layout User Text and Document User text are displaying the error code ####

Is this an update issue? Or maybe there is a quick fix. Any leads would help. Thanks.

Hi @Speedboat, can you post an example file ? Which Rhino version are you using ?


Hi @clement

I’m using Rhino 7 (7SR28)

Here is generally where the problem is (attached photos). This has happened across several files.

Hi @Speedboat, if you add a new text with this content:

%<DateModified(“M/d/yyyy”, “en-US”)>%

does it display the date ?

PS. if you can post the file with some example geometries it would be helpful.



when I paste the exact text above it does not run the script and spit out a date, it stays “%<DateModified(“M/d/yyyy”, “en-US”)>%”

Attached is a file where you should be able to see the issue.
TEXT FIELD LINK sample file.3dm (651.9 KB)

Hi @Speedboat,

i see this when opening your file:

but i got a bunch of errors in the command line, it’s missing some fonts:

Read 13 annotation styles and 35 annotation objects that reference 2 fonts that are not installed on this device.
Annotation styles referencing a missing font:
Work Sans 12pt - Arrow / Work Sans Regular
SPDBT-TitleBlock-ARCH-D / Work Sans Regular
SPDBT-TitleBlock-BOLD-ARCH-D / Work Sans SemiBold
Work Sans 12pt - Dot / Work Sans Regular
SPDBT-TitleBlock-Dwg # / Work Sans Regular
Work Sans 14pt / Work Sans Regular
Work Sans 18pt / Work Sans Regular
Work Sans 10pt / Work Sans Regular
Work Sans 8pt - Dot / Work Sans Regular
Work Sans 8pt - Arrow / Work Sans Regular
SPDBT-TitleBlock-DwgName-ARCH-D / Work Sans Regular
SPDBT-TitleBlock-ARCH-D-24pt / Work Sans Regular
SPDBT-TitleBlock-ARCH-D-18pt / Work Sans Regular
Missing fonts:
Work Sans Regular
Work Sans SemiBold

Do you get the same errors upon opening the file ? What happens if you create a new style and assign it to the annotation (text) objects ?

Btw. The Document and Layout user text is all there. Testing with RH7 SR28 (7.28.23058.3001, 2023-02-27)

Does this happen only in this file or in any file (when you use this text in the _Text command) ?

Ok, well that rules out an update error.

It’s definitely linking all the text when you open… that’s helpful to know.

I just reopened my file and it started working again… can’t explain but can’t complain… must have been a temporary misfire?

Probably :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your help!

Much appreciated.

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