V7 some viewmodes overexposed

For me some of viewmodes look drastically overexposed. Rendered view until I change the sun and skylight settings are not usable out of the box.
Artic mode I can’t use at all as it’s just blown out white and I can’t see any shading on an object most of the time.
Just checking is anyone else seeing this?

In the very least ensure your display modes are all at their defaults. Even if it doesn’t look like they were changed maybe go through each one of them under Tools > Options > Views and press for each one of them reset to defaults button.

Hi Nathan,
I reset all display modes to default no change, but thanks for the tip. I think it’s my monitor and thus I wanted to see what others see was well.

In the image I posted it looks fine on my laptop screen and this forum but much brighter and unusable on my dell monitor. It would be great to have a list of preferred monitors for rhino and how to calibrate them for best viewing in Rhino. I gather your screens are fine and not overexposed looking.

Off topic but it would also be wonderful to have a proper Physical camera with all the settings in V7. I don’t see how and cycles can exist without one.
Thanks for your quick reply,