V7 - more color controls

Can we get the view tabs to behave the same way as the panel tabs w/respect to color?

Below I have Window color 3 set to darker than 1 and 2, to have an inactive panel tab darker.


However, this does not affect the inactive view tabs.


Also, could we get a third setting in the HSV/HSL sliders that goes from 0-255?

In Rhino 6 we had that (that’s all we had) now it’s ‘more correct’ with 0-1 or 0-100. But, I often like to set gray values that are RGB equivalents, so I currently have to use the RGB sliders and set 3 identical values, or start clicking on the gray values at the bottom of the left side color list until the right one comes up.

Still waiting for my color wheel on the RGB sliders page… :stuck_out_tongue:

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