(wish) - preselection command suggestions

it is really great, that rhino supports preselecting objects before calling a command… (and also calling a command without selection.)

from a user perspective - this is a simple function:
(and I know, sorry mcneel, from a developer view, might be a lot of work…)

my wish:
preselecting objects, and start typing a command in the commandline, the (fuzzy…) command-suggestions should only by valid for the preselection.

example 1:
preselecting a face of a polysurface
typing extr…
the suggestion should be extrudeSurface, extractSrf, …
(extrudeCrv should not be suggested as auto-complete, because it does not handle faces)

example 2
selecting a curve and start typing
the suggestion should be curveBoolean, … (any other command with *bool* ? for curves ?)
(booleanUnion… etc should be skipped - as that only works for (poly)Surface…)

hope this idea/wish is described in an understandable way…
thanks for having a look at it.
or add a +1… to give it more attention.