Content aware command autocomplete

the rhino autocomplete of commands is already well implemented, and I love it! However, one area I think could be improved upon is content/context aware command autocomplete. For example, sometimes I use Offset to offset a curve, but then use OffsetSrf to offset a surface. Would it be possible to have autocomplete check if a surface or curve was selected to autocomplete to the relevant command?
For example;
Offset vs OffsetSrf
Split vs BooleanSplit
BlendCrv vs BlendSrf


Object selection filters the selection but my guess is the command name autocomplete tools would be dramatically slowed down if it filtered the list based on what you selected.
If you unintentionally selected the wrong type of object, then the command you were after wouldn’t be available.

Ill admit, there probably could be a performance hit. Depends on how it query’s the current selection. If the selection could add “tags” that would be generated when the selection is made, and autocomplete can see those tags, it can use that instead of querying the selection as the user types in commands. But that may be more work than is practical.

As for wrong type I’m not implying the removal of the other command from the list. As it is now if I type Off, it will come up with Offset first and OffsetSrf second, this would just swap the order if I had a surface selected.

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