V6 wish - make 2d - first angle projection-left view


I don´t know what it´s like in other countries, but in germany we use top, front and left view, where the left view is drawn on the right side. Make 2d still only makes front, top and right view, so as a workaroud we still have to make a separate make2d of the left view to get a complete drawing. 6 views would be even better, but is no standard, and might be too slow on bigger models.

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Hi Joerg - got that, thanks.



Hi Joerg,
Would something like this work for you where you could select from all the standard Rhino view or even other named views? The command would tile them across the drawing and arrange them after the the Make2D was done.

If we are the wrong track here, please let us know more details about how you see this working.
Send a marked up image so we can give the developer input on this request.

Thanks you for your help.
Mary Ann Fugier

make 2D all optionsmore views


Looks great in my opinion. It would be good, if the views could be arranged as in the upper picture that I have posted ( for first angle projection.)

Awesome, Joerg.
I will get these details posted to the tracker for the developer.
We will let you know when it is in Rhino and ready to test.

Thanks you again.
Mary Ann Fugier

Why not to create a “custom” option?

it would be great to able to create (and save) my own projection / view disposition

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