Make 2d - first

when using the first projection angle the correct one is to use the projected left view.
when I used make 2d - made the right view.

Not disagreeing - we use the projected left view as well…

But I’m wondering if this user preference or if this is actually a standard. As far as I can see, ISO 10209:2012 on Technical Product Documentation specifies the first-angle projection but only says:

orthographic representation com­prising the arrangement, around the principal view of an object, of some or all of the other five views of that object
Note 1 to entry: With reference to the principal view, the other views are arranged as follows:
— the view from above is placed underneath;
— the view from below is placed above;
— the view from the left is placed on the right; - the view from the right is placed on the left;
— the view from the rear is placed on the left or to the right, as convenient.

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Not a preference is the standard.

Would you mind documenting that?

These links ... (universities) are of Brazilian technical standards that follow the ISO standard.

I hope it helps

In germany we habe the “Hoischen”, a small booklet with 500 pages that is used since the 1940s as a reference for technical drawings, it´s used by nearly everybody in the industry. It says, that left view is the preferred method.