V6: Rectangular lights and Gimball bug

Whenever I make a new rectangular light the Gimball is allways struggeling to find the center.
You should be able to reproduce it instantly as I don’t think I have any special settings activated.

Hi Jorgen - I’m not sure I follow – here, if I select a rectangular light, new or not, gumball appears at the center instantly… I guess I need the blow-by-blow, for dummies.


Strange thing… It struggles every single time here. And I even did a uninstall before installing the latest build.
Here top view and perspective is OK:


But if I select it in Back or Right (Had to use Back on this project) then the Gumball is off by a lot. The light was just created to illustrate:

If I select in Back or Right then the gumball is at different locations:

Oh… I had ALIGN TO CPLANE and not ALIGN TO WORLD. and that is probably a sticky command (that nobody uses) So take a look and see if you can reproduce the oddity, because it obviously is a strange behaviour.

Hi Jorgen -

I cannot reproduce this so far… regardless of Gumball alignment (who you callin’ ‘nobody’??) Does this happen in a new empty file? If so can you make a light and post the file?


:smiley: I was just referring to the C-plane alignment option, based on the “fact” that it only happens with that option, and that only I see it :wink: I’ll see if I can send you a file.

Yeah, here it happens on every file, new or old, on both machines I have tested, so it makes no sense in sending a file.

It’s consisten in it’s location related to the c-plane ( I use the default 4 view setup) and if I move the cplane origin then the gumball get’s a new location too. (again it is consistent to that new location…) Odd stuff…

I experienced this earlier too and just expected it to be ironed out. And both machines had Rhino Beta uninstalled prior to having the release version of V6 installed.

Hi Jorgen - are you adding the lights ‘by hand’ using the RectangularLight command? Not a macro or script or something? Actually, it would not hurt to send a file - make a light, actually move it with its goofy gumball, to set the Gumball frame and then save it - thanks.


Hi Pascal,
I add them by hand, that’s why I was so sure I was not alone in seeing this :slight_smile:
And the strange thing is that I see this on my third computer as well.

Here is a file.

Rectangular light.3dm (23.9 KB)

Hi Jorgen - thanks - it looks correct here… does it make any difference if you start Rhino in Safe Mode?


No change, but as you can see the offset is related to the center of the rectangluar light, but on a different c-plane so some sort of conversion error is going on…

And if I move it and reselect it:

@pascal, yeah, I see it. It happens in views with CPlane other than the world XY plane. I just fixed it so it should work in a near future build.

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