V6 Osnap Secondary Options Not There?

Hi all, I’m using the newest version of Rhino (6.11, I believe), Been using persistent OSnap options for awhile now, no problems there. But I’ve been trying to access one of the secondary menu One-Shot Options (like Between) today, and it just isn’t there. When I try to toggle the OSnap menu (by hitting Control or Shift) at the bottom left of the display to show all the secondary One-Shot options…all it shows are blank check boxes with no name/labels to be seen. Funny thing is, when I hover over those blank check boxes the actual One-Shot OSnap Options show up saying Between/etc/etc…and ya can’t check those boxes either. Then i setup a Toolbar for OSnap, when I click select say, two points, then click the Toolbar “Between” symbol, it just says “must pick two reference points…” Same for the others as well. I don’t know if this is a big or what but it’s not working at all. Hoping somehow I’m doing something wrong, plz tell me what you folks think, any help greatly appreciated, thx

Hello - can you please run the SystemInfo command and paste the results here?