[V6] License grace period expired - Educational Lab License


Been running into problems today, where intermittently Rhino boots up after a hard crash and complains that the license grace period has expired, disabling Save and disabling the use of Grasshopper. Killing the process and restarting seems to work after a couple of tries, but the problem comes up again.

I’m connected to our license server, and finding it doesn’t seem to be a problem, and this happens with or without the license checked out.

Seemingly random GH crashes might be related, where Rhino / GH freezes up and stops working. I am using my own custom components quite extensively, however there is no strange or tricky logic in those, and they have worked just fine in Rhino 5 previously.

I realize this is quite vague, but if it’s not a known issue, maybe it’s something to keep an eye out for… Chalking it up to the ‘WIP’ part of ‘Rhino WIP’ for now :wink:

Hi Tom - WIP should not apply at this point - did you get this sorted out?


Hi @pascal

I sorted it out - had to do with the license being checked out, and having to run the installer again. It now says Rhino 6, so it may have switched over. Hopefully that’s the last of it!

Thanks for checking in!