V6: Idea for file management


I had an idea for “file management” for a future release of Rhino. I see myself having 3 to 4 files for a each project, (2d drawings, 3d modeling, diagrams etc). I try to avoid having all in the same file because of the different units, layers, organisation within the viewport etc. I was wondering if it would be possible to have some kind of Worksheets base Rhino, similar to excel where each Worksheets is a different file but you could link between them. I could have in one Worksheets the 3D model, while making 2d sections into another Worksheet and this at the same time would update if something gets changed in the Worksheet with the 3D model. It is already kind of implement with the layouts, but I see more as different Rhino windows.

I’m just throwing an idea out there.

What do you guys think?

Take with a grain of salt

This is already implemented in a nifty tool called windows, you need to look for the toolbar (aka taskbar) as seen on the bottom of the screen, you can put them all in 1 group like on my example, but also separate tabs on the bar.

thanks for the reply, but thats not what im talking about.

What I’m talking about is an approach like excel, Where all the information would be in one file and not several.

How do you imagine things updating each other? You can use blocks to make sure all objects get updated centrally (instancing), but the history-options of Rhino (afaik) does not support 3d objects updating 2d drawings or the other way around.

Perhaps someone else get’s the essence better why it is important to put all in one file.

Section tools allows you to update 2d drawings from a 3d model.

We always use make 2D, but this sounds interesting too, well, time for me to figure out these section tools and their usefulness, and I wish you the best of luck with the future of this idea!

Hi Miguel,

Have you ever tried worksessions in Rhino? Although not exactly what you’ve described here, it may be of interest.


and a video on large project support…

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