Collaboration tools?

How do you guys on teams collaborate?

I’m trying to get my head around how to manage versions and check files in and out of a repository etc. I’m looking for something like Git I think… Any insight how file linking works etc. in a multi-user world would be helpful.

I work remotely in areas with really shi**y internet most of the time so downloading GBs of data every day to just sortof brute force version updates isn’t really workable. I need something with a little more control (set write permissions only on specific project-related files etc.) and less wasteful with bandwidth.

Have you checked GRABCAD Workbench?

It seens good for this kind of stuff, kinda a mix between PDM and Dropbox.

This looks very much like what I need. Thanks @altamiro.aj !

Glad I could help.

Please report back if it works. I’ve been using alone as a Dropbox alternative, but I am curious if it would work as a good PDM alternative.

Seems good so far.

I haven’t added a collaborator yet. Am actually curious what happens with paths to linked blocks… Need to do some experimentation.

A side comment. SaveSmall or checking the Save Small box when using Save or SaveAs will frequently significantly reduce the size of .3dm files as the render meshes will not be saved. The downside is the render meshes will be recreated when the file is opened.

Does it affect Materials, Layers or Saved view in any way?

Hi -

No, this only strips out the display meshes.
(Unless, that is, if you use the command-line version and set SavePlugInData=No).

Yeah. And a cool thing about Workbench I didn’t expect is you can view 3dm files in the web browser interface. So collaborators/customers can view 3d models without rhino or having to download a file locally and open it.

I haven’t load tested the browser viewer with a heavy render-ready model yet but promising so far.

What I like about that view feature is that you can have an exploded view in almost any file format, pretty handy to check if some part I am looking for is on a file or not.

What I still didn’t try is the Common part folder and the partner space folder.

Also, they have a way to integrate the Workbench with the Print too, Print is another handy tool for costing and management of 3D printers, but I think it only works with Stratasys printers.

However, via Print, you can locate business offering 3D printing solutions near you, and share the files via workbench, if they have the setup ready, get a quotation automatically too.

Hi all,
any further update about Workbench working with Rhino?
Looks exactly what I am searching for too.

I am just to download it for a try but looks too easy.
They say: “when something is free you are the product”,
Where is the catch?

Thanks for any feedback!

Seems to be working…

I haven’t figured out what the catch is yet.

Also I haven’t done any due diligence on who owns the company and where it’s hosted etc. so haven’t put anything particularly sensitive on there (i.e. Navy projects.) in case it’s like Russians scraping technology or whatever.

Hy Ryan,
thanks for the update!

I started using it and looks working nice so far.
I am not using for particularly sensitive files as well but I wanted to have an idea before putting files on it, given that everybody charges for cloud storage.

Regarding Grabcad Workbench’ s pricing there is a fair statement about their policy.

By the way, I found Cadexchanger as another Cloud platform to share files which support Rhino files.
It looks more robust but is not free as Worbench , they offer three plans with file and storage limitations.
It offers version support as well but in no explicit way, when you upload a file with the same name it asks for replacement or versioning.
There is no lock/release of files and no desktop application to take care of file sync like GC Workbench does.