File Management using Work Sessions and central network

For an upcoming project, I’m interested in using Work Sessions so that my colleagues and I can work together on separate files. We both work from home and in different cities, so we need some type of file management system that we can easily access and efficiently update. I’ve been told that Google Drive may be a good option, as well as Dropbox.

If I’m working in a Work Sessions file, would the active model be saved to my local computer or to the Drive (or Dropbox)? We are essentially seeking a file management structure to allow for us to use Rhino to develop a large scale project without needing to work from a central office/location.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hello - multiple files on a Google drive should work - you’d open the relevant file from the Google drive folder on your machine and that folder would be synced to the actual Google drive in the sky. The saved worksession (rws) files could be in that folder or not - Worksessions rws files (info about what file is current file, attached files, and layer states) are designed to be used per user, so to speak, and not necessarily be shared.

All that said, we have seen problems from time to time saving files to Google Dirive/Drop Box etc , seemingly because of collisions between Rhino’s writing backup files and the sync occurring at the same time - Usually (my experience) this is ‘solved’ by waiting a few minutes and saving again. It may also be possible to twll the syncing mechanism to ignore 3dmbak files - that may solve it, I have not looked into that myself.