Layouts // Review

Hi would anyone like to work with me on a workflow that is best set up for my practice?

I have a lot of confidentiality and contractual problems but if I can work in private with someone and show them exactly what I am looking for, I think I could really nail this workflow.

It’s challenging, and I need someone who is knowledgeable in blocks, scripting/programming/plugins, can help me to implement some of these cool scripts I have found and create a really solid process…

We will take a look at my current 2d drawing packets and we will attempt to convert them to what I have in mind. I will need to create custom view settings, peterstools (I think), these page layout tools (I think) and somehow figure out how to do the blocks correctly so I do not need to explode and lose the data. All while trying to minimize the file size. Which is why I have resorted to 2d linework and no 3d models in my layouts because the file size is insane. BUT I’m running into issues with revisions (as usual) which is why I wished for “dynamic views/make2d”… this would solve everything. I think this is essentially section tools but not just for sections. Can I just use section tools for any view ? will this work?

I’ll need all views but special views, like showing the framing only and not having to deal with “hideindetail” ?, or exploded views that keep everything intact. I’m going to have to utilize saveview, I’m looking for an exploded assembly function/script/whatever — do they exist?

Also does anyone have a cool pack of “view styles” that do not come with Rhino? I do not mind creating my own but I’m hoping something close to what I am looking for has already been done.

Basically Im hoping to find someone who can look at my current process and improve upon it or give me a completely different persepective. I’ve been using rhino layouts for a long time and I’ve struggled immensely with it. But I’m glad I’m still here because it has improved and I have faith one day it will get to that epic level of modeling and drawing. I feel its really close.

@zale_orcid - this might get more traction if you move it to the Rhino for Windows category.

– Dale