V6 - Hatch - points ON and select hatch


when is hatches points ON, then is possible select a whole hatch - i dont know if this intentional.
In V5, when is hatches point ON, then is impossible select a whole hatch, but only this points for manipulation - this is more usable.

Hello - you can set this behavior in Options > Mouse page > Selection area.


Yes! Great. Thank you for very quick reply :slight_smile: I did not think so…

Hello one more,

one problem - if i disable “Allow selecting object with points on” then is impossible editing text with doubleclick…:confused:


would be possible solved this problem? Please…

Hello- I see that if auto points on is enabled and selecting of objects with points on is disabled, then double-click becomes problematic. It’s logical, (perhaps - first click turns on the points, second click is ignored because points are on) but not helpful in this case. I don’t know what the right answer is - it might be simple - double-click as a special case, but I could see that it might not - anyway, I’ll ask.



Yes, i know this is a logical problem … but … i think get a exception for text, or add a choice for ignore text (check box …?)

Hello, first of all, than you very much for aplication this exception - its great!
Now i get new knowledge - if “Allow selecting object with points on” is disable, then is impossible remove (for example curve) from selection with “CTRL” …

Its the same problem as with text - “logical problem” :slight_smile: