V6 Bug: Texturemapping Inconsistencies

Rhino seems to be having issues with textures. Just by changing the preview modes, the texture-mapping changes. This makes the arduous work of texturing really difficult.

By which I mean, I do not like texturing anything but the simplest thing in Rhino. I feel that there is no reason why Rhino’s texturing should be wanting in any area compared to a 20 year old game editor, which may be 10 times faster at applying materials.

[I and not only myself applied textures to 5,000 objects a month. So, please believe me that it can be done faster.]

Also, I am not sure, but it appears that saving small may corrupt texture mappings.

Please fix this.

Edit: to be fair, Rhino 3D’s texturing list likely as good or better than most CAD and Design programs, but there is a better way.

Extrusions are pretty bad with texture mapping. You might check to see if the misbehaving textured objects are extrusions; if they are, you can use ConvertExtrusion to see if that fixes it. Otherwise, an example might be helpful.


Thanks for the suggestion.

GTKRadiant could convincingly texturemap a pipe tied in a knot is less than 5 seconds. Unwrap is great for fussy stuff, but why did Rhino follow StudioMax for the rest of it.

I hate texturing objects in Rhino3D. I hate how time consuming it is. I hate that I cannot automatically texture a curved Nurbs surface. I hate that I cannot automatically fit a texture to the edges of a surface, by selecting that surface and fitting 1 or 3 across on it. I hate that materials are not renderer independent.

I still cannot seem to apply a texture/mapping per surface, without exploding an object. I thought that it was already done.

Rhino 3D has by far the best modeling and interface tools of any 3D program–it’s deserving of better and quicker texturing methods.


I agree that texturing would need some love.


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It’s 3 years later. Please fix this.

How are we supposed to texture-map something, if what we do doesn’t match?
Okay, unlike a 20-year old video game editor, we have no mode that can map this, but then when I unwap it, fuss over it, get it good, push “Okay,” for a second, Rhino almost understands the mapping in a pre-rendering thing, whereas the OpenGL mode no longer does–then it just maps whatever it wants. : (

Using Justine’s eCommerce, axium:

The cat you ordered:

The cat we send:

The cat that arrives later:

As it rendered, one part went right, eventually, but Rhino render and any OpenGL view don’t match, so we have to apply mappings–blind?

I don’t even care about the top(cap). It’s not seen. All I want is a band of bricks that match.

Hello- it’s not possible to comment, let alone fix, without a file…


Thank you for the reply. Will upload soon as my render is done.