V5 vs V6 text justification

Yeah, I read lowell’s post about it i other thread after I posted mine. I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing though.

Hi Steve,

Solved: in today’s WIP the text in the file now renders correctly.


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Thanks for letting me know; Lowell suspected this would be the case due to “auto-conversion”. There is probably still a bug in one path of the display code for text (there are several), but I’m sitting tight while the text goes through all of these changes unless absolutely needed. Don’t want to be another cook in the kitchen:)

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That’s an interesting workflow that hadn’t heard before.
Hopefully having text controlled by styles will make that a little more straight forward.

My first job today will be to see about the text drawing in paper space with the model space scale multiplied in.

We’ve got a lot of chances for messing something up in this - it’s all completely new from the classes in opennurbs clear through display - so we’ll be watching pretty closely for feedback.


Exploding leaders to get the text to look like what you expect was a common workflow since AutoCAD days for us. I guess with text now being DimStyle’d it’s not necessary. In this case it’s an improvement!

If Rhino “remembered” last Text command settings upon re-opening of a project file this workflow wouldn’t exist for us.

RH-36199 is fixed in the latest WIP

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