Annotation: Text from V5 files displayed in the wrong location in Rhino 6

For text read from old files (Rhino 5) with undefined justification, the text is positioned wrong in Rhino6 SR11.

  • Text created in Rhino5 with undefined justification gets a new origin (text plane) when opened in Rhino6 Sr11.

There is bug fix in SR5 for a similar issue:

Hello - how are you getting text in V5 with undefined justification?


Hi Pascal,

you get the text in V5 with undefined justification via python:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
rs.AddText(“Hello World”, rs.WorldXYPlane(), 20, “ABCDEFont”, 0, None)

When saving the file and open in v5 / v6 the result is different:
Origin: 0,0,0 / 0,20,0 (absolute no go to change the text plane!!!)

With the command “what” you see in v6 a text height of 1.00 mm… Thats also not correct.

I attached the file.
R5_Text.3dm (16.3 KB)