{BUG} Rhino 6 Text Justification

When I open a version 5 file in Rhino 6, I noticed that the text was justified incorrectly in my layouts. When selecting the text properties, I see that top and bottom text justification appears to be flipped in version 6. When I select top justification, the text drops and visa versa.

We will need a sample file and instructions to understand the problem.
Is there a chance these dimensions were Mirrored or flipped?

I will upload file to your site shortly. I don’t think text was mirrored or flipped, because if you open the file first in V5.5 the text looks great. It only gets wonky in V6 and V7.

1 - Select poorly justified Text in Layout Space in V6 file.
2- The text properties will show that the text is justified to the top of the text box, but it looks low in the layout.
3- Set justification to drop to the bottom bottom of the box and it goes up.

I have provided 2 versions of the file, one in V5 and one in V6, or you can just open the V5 file in both V5 and V6.

Oops - only one image loaded - here is the other one26%20PM 05%20PM

See how the justified bottom alignment is high and the justified high alignment is low?

Hi sdjames,

I am new to the forums so apologies if my question is too forward but I am looking into using rhino 6 for my architecture workflow and am curious about how you’ve placed shadows on your elevations. It really looks fantastic.

I know this question is unrelated to the topic so if you’d like me to reach out under a new topic let me know.

Thanks in advance. Hope this text justification issue can be resolved as well.

They are raytraced viewports with show edges selected in the display properties tab. That simple.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a ton. I was making it way more complex than it had to be…

Appreciate the quick response.


Glad to help. I also used hatches on surface outlines. It would be nice if McNeel could automate hatches for surfaces.