V5 stopped working

Hi All, working with curves and radius this morning . Rhino decided to freeze. Running win 10 and sr13. Guess I will see how much that needs to be redone. I gave a highlighted curve and a cursor that moves, nothing else responds. :sob:—Mark

Hi Mark - so inside the Radius command, Rhino locked up, correct? Did you force quit and get going again? Can you repeat the freeze?


Hi Pascal, no I didnt try to repeat it. I forced quit the computer and restarted it with some work autosaved.
Actually I was working with Arc and trim commands. Trim was what the last icon before freeze.
Reminds me to save more frequently. Yes all is well for now, thanks—Mark

Hi Mark - you should be able to force Rhino to quit (From task manager) without shutting down the machine - unless Windows and not just Rhino was locked up??