V-Ray Next for Rhino

Hi @Peter.Chaushev,

Is there any chance V-Ray Next for Rhino would be released anytime soon, or at least the grace period would start before the end of 2018?




A good question indeed.
And also something I would like to know :slight_smile:

A V-Ray Next for Rhino public beta is currently in preparation. Will post an update as soon as we have a date to share.
If you have any suggestions or feature requests for the upcoming version just let me know or email them at support@chaosgroup.com (they will be redirected straight to the dev team).

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA


Hi Peter,

could it be possible to get less sub menus at the UI, so that it is easier to find an option and not need to click through to much sub menus? So it would be easier to get an overview over the current setup.

Also, since I use a large screen, I would like to open sub menus or enable advanced options and get this constellation back if the options are opened later again. Also if Rhino was closed and reopened it would be great to get the previous arrangement.

Here an example. It could be great if all sub menus could be disabled so that all options are direct visible if the switches tab is opened.


If anything is to complicated to code, could it be possible to enable a global switch to disable the most sub menus and enable the advanced option as standard? I miss a quick access&overview mode for your experts.


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Here an other example. If I start a Rhino session than I get this Raytraced options only:

But for a quick check and fine tune I would like to see all options per one click:

This was the behavior at VfR2 and I loved the quick access.

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I started to test VfR3 once more and here an other example of UI optimization.

The current diffuse layer control look like this. Not needed, at the first place the opacity. Confusing - the multipliers are per default hidden in a sub menu. At the multiplier sub menu the texture maps are shown a second time.

Here a simplified version. Color and texture are placed at the same place. No sub menus. Screen space is saved, an better overview is possible, no options are hidden.

The roughness parameter is very seldom needed, it could be moved to the Advanced Options too. Also the Muliplier Mode could be moved to the advanced options, since very seldom needed too. So, we could get very clean and simple looking diffuse layer options and one sub menu for advanced and seldom used options. Is it not good looking? :wink:

I would be very glad if UI suggestions would be taken in account. :wink:

It would be great the “drag and drop” option to apply materials in layers and objects direct and quickly!

Load all the materials at a time
Because it’s not possible to load one at a time when you want to add stuff, which reduces the speed of operation.

include & Except for light will be add in v-ray next for rhino ?

@Peter.Chaushev (@Micha ) will (is) VfR next will be able to assign different material to sub face on a BREP which Rhino 6.0 does and which is very usefull in lots of case?

Best Regards

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I have to agree with this.
I would like to finally see sub-surface texturing in V-ray for rhino.

I wish to V-Ray next supporting Render Subd geometry.

Hi BEMAD, Brag0n and foreigner
in the upcoming V-Ray Next for Rhino, per-face materials are supported in general. The limitation is that currently only Rhino materials can be assigned to sub-surface. V-Ray material assignment to sub-surfaces is yet to come:

SubD Geometry is also supported in the renderer:


Thank you.

In Beta 3 i see no render SubD Geometry on Rhino 7 WIP.

Yes, it didn’t work in the beta. Works now

Thank you sir.
When the v-ray next be release on official site?

hi in vray3.6.3 and next for rhino
gpu render cannot support" vray toon materials " please fix this bug!!

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i want to import model from 3ds max to rhino , but my problem in the scale ! very big models ! please fix this broblem

It’s released now.

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