V-ray Licence issue

Hi @matt_newberg,

Could you look into my v-ray account?

The licence cannot be activated.

“2 .If your dongle is plugged into your computer, open the link http://localhost:30304/upgrade in a web browser.”

my localhost IPV4 address is the campus address(using school wireless) and it changes everytime I connect.

Would you please confirm? This is the second time I bought V-ray, that’s why I’m using the previous USB dongle.


What is shown when you goto this website: http://localhost:30304/#/?

Which version of V-Ray For Rhino are you using? Have you tried reinstalling?

I don’t have vray installed. But I used beta before purchasing the license.
Since my vray 2.0 is expired, I can’t download from chaosgroup website.

@ARCHHOLIC I wouldn’t know how to help you, you need to contact Chaosgroup support ( support@chaosgroup.com).