Unable to acquire V-Ray for Rhino GUI License

Unable to acquire V-Ray for Rhino GUI License. I just installed 30 day trial for V-Ray for Rhino. When i click V-ray render in Rhino, the above notice shows up.

SOLVED: AFter installing V-Ray Trial > Chaos sign up >

I’d recommend you to ask on the VRay forum

Hi I went to VRay Forum and it’s read only forum for me now. How do I post questions there?

Also I provided solution here after I posted it cause I found the solution for it. But I have other questions about Vray and their FORUM is read only…

i got the same problem!i also have 30 day trial,but once i launch vray “Unable to acquire V-Ray for Rhino GUI License” comes out…fk…

For any licensing issues with V-Ray for Rhino, please reach out directly to support@chaosgroup.com for assistance.

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