V-Ray (and Brazil, Thea..) for Rhino 6 won't work

Hi all,

i’m trying to load your plugin on a RHINO 6 (Trial license), but after installation i can’t select V-Ray (or any other) as current rendering plugin.

Clicking on V-Ray (Thea and Brasil, also…) in the right window, Rhino says:

Comando: SetCurrentRenderPlugIn
Comando sconosciuto: SetCurrentRenderPlugIn
Comando: _ImpostaPlugInRenderingCorrente
Comando sconosciuto: _ImpostaPlugInRenderingCorrente

Can you help me, please?

Best regards, Alberto

I take it your trial license hasn’t expired? If it has, you will not be able to load plug-ins.
What happens when you run the English command with an underscore - i.e. _SetCurrentRenderPlugIn?

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Dear Wim,
happens that everything works fine.

I don’t know why the same command in Italian doesn’t work.

Thanks a lot,


I suppose that works if you don’t include the underscore, i.e. just ImpostaPlugInRenderingCorrente.
The underscore forces Rhino to read what follows as a command in English so that you can run it under any language.

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