V-Ray 3.60.01 is now available!



Let us hope that Peter wins. Boris wrote at the chaosgroup forum:

Our support will contact you asap. We have internal builds of Rhino 6 support. It will be supported in the next service pack of V-Ray in about a month or so.

Boris Simandoff
Director Engineering
Chaos Group

A month would be a quite long time to compile it for Rhino 6. Moment, he means it will be available with the next service pack. How can I wrote one of my long bug lists for the next SR if I don’t have a version to test?


There is no official release date to share yet. The time it will take to prepare the next version with Rhino 6 compatibility mainly depends on the v3.6 feedback currently received while we are in a stage of evaluation.

We are looking into a date a few weeks from now. Boris shared a safe estimation so for the moment take his word.
In the meantime, I encourage all users to share their thoughts about v3.60.01 or state any problems they’ve encountered at support@chaosgroup.com or forums.chaosgroup.com ! The faster we evaluate the current release, the sooner we ship v3.60.02.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA


Please Peter, some of you pro users needs to keep the Rhino 5 installation running for current projects. You get more valuable feedback if a Rhino 6 version is released now. In the past compiling a Rhino 6 version was quite quick done, releases was possible every week, some times more often.

For example the Enscape team compiled and released a Rhino 6 version without to talk about it. Seams to be no big task.

Please, don’t wait for the next SR. If Rhino 5 and 6 versions are so different than the R5 results doesn’t help so much for R6. If both versions are the same, than why not release a R6 version?

You pro users are waiting for a productive release since years. Please, don’t wait longer. So we could make a strong next SR together.

(Boris Simandoff) #11


We are working close with the guys from McNeel in order to bring VRay 3.6 to Rhino 6. Rhino 6 is in RC 2 state at the moment (released 2 days ago). There are still changes in the API and we are not comfortable releasing an official product to a RC host application. If you can’t wait until the official release is shipped we will start building nightlies of VRay for Rhino 6 RC 2 in couple of weeks.
We are working hard to release the best possible experience. Stability is a major concern for us at the moment.

Keep you post it,

Boris Simandoff
Director Engineering
Chaos Group

(Wim Dekeyser) #12

Rhino 6 Service Release 1 is in RC 2 at the moment.
RH6.0 is long behind us…


Hi Boris,

I didn’t know that we are in Rhino RC state. Are you sure? So far I know Rhino 6 is released and only SR will follow. We are in Rhino 6.1 RC2 state.

Stability is one of my most needed aspects too. The beta testing of VfR of the last 12 years shows me that a good testing is the best basic for a stable use during projects. Couldn’t we start the nightly betas again, also for Rhino 6?

VfR2 is rocksolid, I need it for projects and it’s a risk to jump to VfR3.6. Over the years I reported hundred of bugs and I would be glad to bring 3.6 to the old stability too. The best chance is to parallel use of VfR2 at Rhino5 and VfR3 at Rhino6.

Will we get the chance of a second SR for VfR a few weeks after VfR3.6 for Rhino 6 is released? Understand me, in the last years I lost my trust in the VfR development. VfR3 was released with a long ugly bug list in the background and fixes needed ages, since the development jumped to the SU and Revit version.
But things changed and I hope the new development team will more frequent release service releases. Is this hope right? Or are the Rhino user still in the third row? I would be glad to restart a powerful beta testing.

Please, start at Rhino 6 too.

(Boris Simandoff) #14

Yes, we will start nightlies for Rhino 6.
Rh6 is in RC2 Rhino 6 Release Candidate 2 Available
And live updates are breaking V-Ray constantly. So we need to have stable API in Rh6 to release VRay.
Screenshot is from the latest update. Just yesterday.


I understand. Glad to hear nightlies will come again.

I hope I found time to deinstall VfR2 for a day and start testing VfR3.


You should have done that months ago, dude. :wink:



I did it, but the last version caused to much trouble for my complex models and tight deadlines and so I jumped back. But I hope 3.6 and the next SR will bring the old known VfR stability. :wink:

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #18

Rhino 6 has been out already for over a week, see: Rhino 6 download live . The API is stable.

We are already working towards the first service release (6.1).


P.S. with questions regarding render engine integration don’t hesitate to ask me or @andy


@boris.simandoff I installed v3.6 and run in a lot of old and new problems. For me it looks like a lot of work is needed to stabilize the plugin. I post a first list at the chaosgroup forum. I would be glad if the long expected stabilization would start now. No new features are needed, only the current set needs a lot of fixes to bring back the old productivity. Please look through my old bug reports of V3 and V3.4 too.

Also I hope we can talk about the UI. I suppose so a lot of your old beta testers would like to come back for this topic. At the moment to much sub-sub menus are used, to much screen space is needed and options are scattered. I’m sure, your beta tester team could strong help to enhance the UI. At the moment it looks like it’s done designed by an unser. Don’t be bother about my words. The new UI looks nice, but isn’t so right useful yet.

Sorry, I’m back to VFR2 now. I have no problem to wait some weeks for a Rhino 6 version now, in the time a lot work is waiting for your team. :wink:


“only in secondary” from material options has disappeared after update.

(Andrea Montis) #21

You can use the new material type, ‘override material’.



You get the same effect like the simple option “only in secondary”?

Only I can hope it will come back, I used it very often. Small air plane lavatory design need it. Best would be if this option could be enabled at a new object properties tab, but this would need a new object properties UI.


Override material is no option in any way. You can’t hide object and just show it in reflections with it.

Yes, object properties tab would be good place to have it. Under V-Ray tab, like Brazil has visibility options there for GI, reflections, refractions etc.

(Andrea Montis) #24

is this what you want to get?

(Morten Tejlgaard) #25

From what I understand, the issue of not easily being able to see which layer name you are applying a material to, if its a sublayer, persists. And no drag and drop. Its a complete failure usability wise, and the fact, that after so many user has remarked it, and still not fixed after 1 year, doesn’t seem too promising…


Aaa, sorry, it can be done. But why it has been removed from material options where it was in previous version. Now I have scenes that have objects with “only in secondary” on, but nowhere to take it off.


Hi Peter,

I have just installed 3.6 for use on R5.

However, when I try to start Grasshopper in R6 this happens: