UVs extraction

Hi everybody,

I am trying to extract uvs from objects in order to export all the information to an external rendering engine. What I am doing is just reading the coordinates in the member m_T of the cached rendering meshes.

First of all this works fine for surfaces but I have not been able to get a match with the external engine for solid objects like tetrahedra.

Second, even if I change the type of texture mapping (Surface, Planar, Cylindrical, etc.) the uvs seem to have no difference.

I guess that some information on how to transform the uvs might be contained in the texture mapping of the objects but I do not know how to apply them (the fact that the only event raised by texture mapping change is TextureMappingTableEvent makes me think that it does not affect the objects but only the texture mapping table).

Is there any way to get the final uvs of an object?
Thanks in advance,