[UVEditor TIP] UV mapping: Replace your UV Grid Texture

I’m making a new workflow for game development hard surface modelling using Rhino and having some fun rendering using the default Grid Texture.

This is how the UVEditor was displaying:

Exporting the asset as FBX for painting and selling them in the asset store, I was not expecting this UV space distribution layout: the mapping mesh on the right is out of the [1,1] UV space.

What is happening in Rhino, is that the UVEditor space is showing a UV mapping region and not the UV 0,0 to 1,1 UV space layout. Find number 99 in in the bottom right corner.

To fix this issue(RH-54765), I suggest not to use the default “UV Grid Texture” and replace it instead with something similar to this:

or this

In this way, it will be clear where is the boundary edge of the texture.
If you need to work in a UV mapping space 0-1 you need to be inside this rectangle.

In this video explain why this is important. Often the UV mapping mesh is not inside the 0-1 domain. If we move it looks like is not moving as reported in issue RH-53857. What is actually moving is the grig texture. Having an outline border helps to be aware and understand what is happening.

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AM UV v1: 1024 UV mapping grid.

  • Includes B&W edge limits
  • Up arrows indication
  • Circles to better detect uniform scale
  • Some coordinate
  • High-density grid

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@Jussi_Aaltonen, @andy - maybe a useful texture to add as a choice while uvmapping?

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I will improve it adding numbers and more arrows in it.

Using a modifu vertion of the original UV Grid Texture:
AM UV v2.0: 2048 Rhino Mod. UV mapping grid texture.

  • Includes B&W edge limits
  • Black canvas border
  • Corner indicator
  • Up arrows indication
  • Circles in each square for better proportion detection
  • Some coordinate
  • High-density grid
  • Rhino default numbers.
  • Four big square regions indication

In the next update, I will try to take out tall numbers

Using a sharper outline for better contrast and awareness.



To ensure this great thread doesn’t get lost: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-55136

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AM UV v3.0
Texture mapping

  • Resolution: 4K 2K 1K
  • Outline edge limits
  • High contrast between grid and outline
  • Corner indicator
  • Up fat arrows
  • Right thin arrows
  • Small Circles for uniform scale better proportion detection
  • Big Circles
  • Rhino default numbers
  • High-density line grid
  • Middle lines big square regions indication
  • Some coordinate




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RH-53857 is fixed in the latest WIP

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I wonder if the automated UV-mapping thingy being developed by Eskil Steenberg would be of interest for Rhino?

I thought this work was amazing. In another video Eskil goes into more detail about the process of identifying features on a model (both for freeform and hard egdes).

// Rolf

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Could be interesting. He’s been working on this already for probably two decades already.

Interesting to see he’s started to commercialize his work. I remember when I worked with him on the Verse 3D project when he had his first working versions of this tool. This was back in 2004-2005.

Now that he is transforming it into the ministry of flat it may be worth looking into.

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Quoting the Ministry Of Flat:




BTW, I stumbled on Eskil and his UV-wrapper from watching his take on programming with C in his video “How I program in C”:

Cool guy trying to look at things differently. I like that.

// Rolf

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