UV symbol colours

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When rebuilding a surface, which colour corresponds to U direction and which to V direction?


mmm, the colours didn’t come through well in that screenshot. They are supposed to be red and green.

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Red is X or U direction
Green is Y or V direction
Blue is Z or W direction



Thanks @clement, that seems logical.

Hi Nick - the colors actually follow the CPlane X and Y axis colors as set in Options > Appearance > Colors.


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Thanks @pascal.

This is an old topic, but I’m running into this question as well.

If the preview arrow colors follow the Cplane, does that mean that sometimes U can be red and sometimes V can be red, depending on your Cplane?

If so, is there another way to know which way is U and which way is V when you do a Rebuild on a surface? Because right now, I very often have to undo my Rebuild (because the colored preview dots certainly doesn’t help) and switch the U and V values, which is very irritating.

Alias has, instead of an arrow, a small U and a small V at the end of their colored lines, but here, I think an easier solution would just be to color the U and V letters in the Rebuild dialog.

Hello - Rebuild should show you the U and V on the input surface-


U and V colors do not depend on the CPlane.


Thanks. Then I misunderstood your previous reply, sorry.

My suggestion was this:



A strong support for @eobet’s suggestion.
Please colourcode the UV values in the rebuild (and similar) dialogues!
Without colourcoding the red/green arrows are virtually useless.


+1 from me on the colour coding in the rebuild box.
I have the attached graphic pinned to the wall next to my monitor to remind me:


Since any feature in Rhino seems to take about 10 years to implement, I thought I’d at least mitigate this problem for me.

Here’s what I changed the SelU and SelV toolbar icon to:


It’s vector based so I could have worked a bit more on making it less aliased, but it works for me for now. Let me know if anyone wants different sizes and I can export that too.

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I would like to suggest also adding a “colour-blind friendly” usage of alternative colours that is a simple one-click option. I’m aware that the user could set his or her own colours via the custom viewport modes and the colour options in rhino, but that involves going trough many menus in different locations just to change the unusual red, green and blue with other red, green and blue that are easier to disctinguish by colour-blind people. About 12% of men, myself included, are colour-blind and have difficulties with certain grades of red and green, sometimes even blue. For this reason I use the following RGB colours instead of the default ones: 255,0,0 / 0,255,0 / 0,0,255. :slight_smile: