Request: Control points preview for changedegree and rebuild

Hi All,
Once you start working with clean surfaces and the lower degree you can, it’s always necessary to rebuild and change the degree of the geometry.

But, when you have a case like a surface with 4x4 points and degree 3, and you want to modify to 3x2 degree, it’s almost impossible to know if you are changing the U or V direction of the surface.
Although we can customize the color of the span, this is something confusing that could be solved with a preview of the control points during the process.
Does that make sense for anyone more than me?

This is something I miss from VSR VSR Shape Modeling 2.0 Release - YouTube


ChangeDegree, Rebuild and RebuildUV already display the red and green arrow icon which indicates the U and V directions. The icons can be hard to see and could/should be more visible.

Yes, I know the small arrows are there, but for beginners and I think for many people this is not friendly enough and anyway, you can only see the deviation points that don’t give you an idea of where the control point will end.