UV Surface -> Mesh for Untrimmed Surface

sc_make a mesh bench that undulates a bit.gh (32.4 KB)

Hi everyone… I’m not sure what I’m exactly asking so apologies if my subject is not accurate.

Context: Box with undulating surfaces like a rock // How to stitch together separate meshes?

I am trying to make a slightly crumpled box that evokes a rock-like texture. With HS_Kim’s help I figured out how to do it with a 6-sided regular box to look like a snickers bar.


I would like to apply this to a box with slanted angles. I made a box with an angled edge using split, but that leads to a trimmed srf. So the edge for the resulting mesh is not clean. I’ve shrinked the edges of the trimmed surface too.


So… Either - How can I make my script to accommodate for trimmed surfaces, or other geometry that’s not a box? Or, how can I create the beginning geometry that will work in the current script?

As always, any additional insight is so very much appreciated even if it’s not what I’m directly asking! Thank you!

(just edited to upload the GH script)

(failed) make a bench that undulates a bit_reV2.gh (23.6 KB)

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This is fantastic! This method also allows me to apply this to geometry that has more than 6 sides. Thank you so much again!